​Commercial Laundry Services

OC Laundry Commercial Laundry Services includes Linen, and Towel Cleaning Services for businesses and near Stanton, Anaheim, Garden Grove, Orange County, Laguna Beach, and Irvine, CA

Time is money...and you will quickly see how OC Laundry can save your Orange County business both.

We will pick up and deliver your items for FREE and we promise to always give you prompt, courteous, professional service. Laundry washed with our advanced-energy efficient equipment smells better, feels softer, and meets health and safety standards.

For restaurants we can provide linen cleaning service. Our clean linen services include towels, table clothes, cloth napkins, and whatever needs you have.

Our commercial laundry services, includes hotel laundry service and airbnb laundry service. We know how much work goes into these endeavors, let us take laundry off of your list. We can take care of both hotel laundry and guest laundry.

We know your image matters. Let us take over your laundry. Get started today and have cleaner laundry tomorrow. OC bids on commercial laundry. The price is based on how much laundry you have for us, how often you need it washed, and how easy it is to fold. We will also discuss how often you will be billed. Call us at (866) FAST LAUNDRY (866-327-8528).

Commercial Linen Cleaning Services for Hotels, Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway

OC Laundry specializes in linen cleaning service. We do hotel laundry for hotels, boutique hotels, and motels. Our hotel laundry service and Airbnb laundry service takes only 24 hours to get it laundered, folded and returned. In addition to doing laundry for hotels, motels, and Airbnb facilities, we also launder for VRBO, HomeAway, and Bed & Breakfasts. We also can be called to do guest laundry.

Commercial Laundry Service for Recreation Centers and Gyms

OC Laundry does clean linen services for recreation centers and gyms. We launder towels, sheets, tablecloths and napkins. We do laundry for yoga studios and other places that people work out.

Commercial Laundry Service for Salons and Medical Facilities

We do laundry for hair salons, barber shops, and nail salons. We launder towels and capes. We also do laundry for pet grooming salons where we wash lots of towels.

We do lots of laundry for hospitals and medical clinics. We do robes for mammogram clinics. We launder for doctors, dentists, nurses, veterinarians, and vet hospitals. We launder sheets, towels, scrubs, jackets, and uniforms.

Commercial Laundry Service for Restaurants

We do commercial laundry for restaurants and catering companies. We launder table cloths, napkins, chair covers, uniforms, cleaning cloths, and even mop heads. We do laundry for high-end restaurants and pizza parlors and delicatessens.