​OC Laundry Reviews & Testimonials

We take pride in our laundromat and our reviews are important to us. See what our customers are saying.

It is a good place to wash, everything very clean, the dryers a wonder, also has a store with snacks and the staff always helping to be a good laundry!

Ladies in here were very welcoming, kind and helpful. Clean Place. Nice washers and dryers. Ladies work hard, and do a great job keeping this place clean. I appreciate that!

I give 5 star on this place. The staff are very accommodating. They keep clean the machines which is why my daughter keeps coming back in her to do laundry with most of her comforters.

Specials on Tuesday and Friday. There is staff all the time here to help. This laundromat is beyond clean and the people don't have 15 kids all playing hide and go seek in your wash. Highly recommend coming a little furter for this place as it is well worth it. Also it is a card store so no need for quarters here. You can use cash or debit/credit to put money on your card with bonus money if you put 10 dollars on your card.

Staff personnel Aaron is super helpful. He takes care of the place like it's his own. Machines are new and easily organized. 100% recommended.

This place is immaculate. I've never been to a laundromat so well kept. The machines are new and coinless. All the staff I've interacted with here are very nice and helpful. It makes coming here to do laundry much more enjoyable and not so much a chore.

Dryers work amazing...should have put less time since my clothes were piping hot!

This place is awesome! It's quiet on the most part which is very nice. There are 2 tvs placing on each half of the place, just pick your side and watch some tv! Free wifi is a plus!

What's the most captivating part is they have their own mini store inside the laundromat! If you need any drinks, snacks, or even detergent, they have it for you! Only thing is the shop itself is cash only which isn't a big deal as everything is affordable!

They work on no-coins machines which is smart if you want people coming back. It costs $1 per card, but if you spend $10 you get an extra dollar! And if you spend $20, you get an extra $2 on your card.

This place is very clean. I live 4-5 miles from here, but I will be coming back from my laundry needs from now on. Alicia helped me my first time and she's a sweetheart.